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How much do you value being seen and heard?

Do you really want a truly successful relationship?

How important is it to have impact on others?

Then speak up!

Assertion Cards      Set of 35 cards    $25.00

(please include $2.00 shipping and handling charges)

There are 3 categories of information

 Remember Your Rights cue-tips – are those personal rights you need to remember so you can love yourself, advocate for yourself and live an

empowered life.

Speak Your Truth cue-tips- are those appropriate self assertion phrases and responses to look over before a talk, so you can converse self assuredly with any authority figure, parent, boss, co worker, spouse, lover, neighbor, or adult child.

Responding to Difficult Situations cue-tips- are insights into difficult situations that help you respond with assertiveness and tolerance to behavioral patterns in others and yourself.

Deck comes with booklet that explains how to use cards and how the chakras of the body correlate with the throat, heart and power energy centers.